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Welcome to the Voltz Clan's main web page. Feel free to snoop around.

Call of Duty division removed

Cupid on December 20 2012
The Voltz - Call of Duty division has been officially removed from Votlz. I'm sorry to say this but the division had no active members, no servers and no posting in the forum. We want to make sure all of our divisions have at least a little life in them. Call of Duty did not. Call of duty players tend to move from game to game and clan to clan. It's very hard to keep that audience interested in staying in a clan.

The League of Legends section of the site is now up and running. It's still new so we'll be making changes, but users feel free to access at

Hey, guys.

I know it's been a while since you guys have seen me around. Been busy with work and a ton of other shit.
Anyways, I finally have time here and there and have been playing a new game. Some of you may know it, some may not. It's a sequel to the original Starsiege: Tribes.
Different developers, however. It's very much like the original, but updated I guess you could say.
It's a free-to-play game, so anyone can play!
The official website is;
Go check it out, if you haven't already.
Anyways, I'm slowly getting a new site up and running for this division.

Come join me, guys!


New Division Ideas

Cupid on February 23 2012
The Voltz clan needs some good ideas for new games that we can start divisions in. If you have a good idea for a division then please tell us about your ideas.

Post some ideas in this thread

If you're interested in helping us make one let us know about that, too!

As you all are aware, we have been playing around with our sites the past couple weeks. We'll be doing a bit for in the following weeks and then we should be finished.

What we have done is added the Call of Duty division to the Voltz clan. Along with that we have a new home page at There are other minor changes that no one really cares about. Such as when you're logged onto one site, you're logged onto all of them.

Also, a new theme will be coming out soon.

As a last announcement, Voltz is in need of a Moderator for the forums. the requirements will be:
-Active on the Voltz website
-Not have a bad history with Voltz
-Aware of our forum rules

Voltz members and non members may apply

PM either myself, PyRo or Bouch if you're interested.

New Homepage

Cupid on November 05 2011
This is the new homepage for the Voltz clan.

This is where all news that affects all of Voltz will be posted. Right now the site is a little empty, so please feel free to fill it up! You can access the main forums from this site and from all of the other division sites.